A Phase 3 Trial for Chemotherapy-Induced Neutropenia

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Eflapegrastim – Phase 3 Study*

Phase 3, Randomized, Open-label, Active-controlled, Multicenter.

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Phase 3 Trial eflapegrastim for Chemotherapy-Induced Neutropenia

Randomized, OpEn-Label, Active-ContrOl Trial of SPI-2012 (Eflapegrastim) Versus Pegfilgrastim in the Management of Chemotherapy-Induced Neutropenia in Early-Stage BReast Cancer Patients Receiving Docetaxel and Cyclophosphamide (TC) (RECOVER)

*Eflapegrastim is an investigational drug not approved by the FDA.

Eflapegrastim is a long-acting form of G-CSF.  Eflapegrastim (also known as HM10460A, Long Acting Protein/Peptide Discovery Platform Technology-G-CSF [LAPS-G-CSF]), is a chemically conjugated form of a modified G-CSF, being developed for reduction of the Duration of Severe Neutropenia (DSN) in patients with solid tumors and non-myeloid malignancies receiving myelosuppressive chemotherapy. Eflapegrastim is a biologic and not a biosimilar to either Neupogen (filgrastim) or Neulasta (pegfilgrastim).

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